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How to Use the Intellectual Infantryman

Make The Greatest Use Of The Resources Provided For You

This website is designed to improve your baseline knowledge to increase your capabilities as a warfighter. This is not designed to serve as a replacement for practical combat training. Rather, it serves as a complement to the training and knowledge you attain over training and combat. I am not the subject matter expert in many of the fields, but a vast the information in the study sets and exams have been pulled from official DOD publications and SMEs in their respective fields. 

The information provided here is of no use if it is not practiced or applied in a practical setting. This is intended to improve your baseline knowledge. It is your duty to learn more about these topics, even if they bear little correlation to your primary occupation. I take no responsibility in any injuries or lawsuits that arise from using any of this material. If you have any information that you think should be changed or added, or if there are corrections that need to be made to learning materials, email me at

The publications are available for your use and reproduction. They are a combination of official DOD publications and publications from independent sources. They are a combination of old and new sources, so if publications have outdated information, that may be a probable explanation. 

The study sets are a more interactive method of learning the information present within the publications of each module. The questions and answers present on the study set are the same ones present in the exams, so they also serve as review before the exam. They were produced on Quizlet and embedded within the website. There are other options available for learning, but the flashcards generally work best within the website.

Once you have developed a high level of understanding of the subject matter within each module, there are proficiency exams available to assess your understanding. These exams are often several hundred questions in length, which is most likely unnecessary and a potential waste of resources. You have the option to download and manipulate the exam to your own needs, or to the needs of your subordinates. These exams are method for you to determine your level of knowledge of each topic. The concepts this site focuses on are largely practical skills, meaning that exam proficiency does not equate to real world proficiency. Get outside and train.

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